The United States offers a reward for information on the leader of ISIS-Khorasan Province "meteor muhajir"

Kabul (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 22:46

Washington offers a reward of 10 million for information on the leader of ISIS-Khorasan Province

On Monday, the United States offered a reward of $10 million to anyone who provides any information that “identifies or locates” the leader of the Islamic State-Khorasan Province, Sanaullah Ghafari.

This reward, which was promised by the US State Department, also means every person who provides information that helps in “arresting or convicting” the perpetrators of the “terrorist attack that was carried out on August 26, 2021 at Kabul Airport” and claimed by ISIS-Khorasan Province, which resulted in about a hundred deaths among them. 13 American soldiers.

Earlier, the US Department of State’s Counter-Terrorism Office published a photo that they said was of Sanaullah Ghafari, known as Dr. “Shehab al-Muhajir”, the emir of ISIS in Khorasan. The published photo is the security card of the ousted first vice president of Afghanistan.

Supporters of the Taliban considered that ISIS had always been the protégé of the former Afghan regime.

And the United States, recently, included 3 leaders ISIS-Khorasan Province Afghanistan is on the terrorist list, according to Reuters.

After a series of attacks terrorist In Kabul and other Afghan regions, which were adopted by the organization, Washington announced the imposition of these sanctions on 3 leaders of ISIS-Khorasan Province and another man it accused of facilitating the financial operations of the terrorist organization.

The US Secretary of State said Anthony Blinken In a statement, the Emir of ISIS-Khorasan Province Sanaullah Ghafari, its spokesman Sultan Aziz Azzam and the leader of Kabul province, Mawlawi Rajab, was included on the list of global terrorists.

The U.S. Treasury also blacklisted Ismatullah Kholouzi for running an informal money transfer network based in Turkey to transfer funds to ISIS-K.

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