The women of the village of Child Ryan volunteer to feed the rescue teams and journalists

A large number of aid workers are stationed in the village of Igrane, in the province of Chefchaouen, in the north of the Kingdom, in order to get the child Rayan, who is 5 years old, and who fell into a well until he became more than 30 meters deep.

Since the village of Child Rayan is far from the neighboring cities, access to restaurants is not easy, and this made the parents cry out for help.

A reporter for a TV channel in Morocco said that the residents of the area made a great effort to help those who came to the area to cope with the tragedy of the child Rayan.

The women’s move was widely praised on social platforms, and commentators considered it a manifestation of generosity in the villages of Morocco, where people pay great attention to the guest.

Not only rescue workers and journalists flocked to the area, but large crowds of ordinary people came to the area to follow the rescue operation closely.

Moroccan citizens said that they came from other cities hundreds of kilometers away, such as Casablanca, Fez and Ifrane, in order to be at the scene of the event, and some of them stated that they wanted to show solidarity with the family.

But the gathering of large numbers of people sparked widespread public anger because it turned into an element of confusion for rescuers, amid fears that their movement in the site would affect the soil.

The authorities set up iron barriers to keep people away, but large crowds remained until late at night, waiting for any news about the child, Ryan.

very complicated process

Moroccan sources revealed to “Sky News Arabia”, on Saturday, that new indications show that the child Rayan, who fell into a well 30 meters deep, is still alive, while rescuers are approaching him after days of digging.

Sources reported that rescue teams will reach Rayan in less than an hour, if drilling continues on its current pace.

On Tuesday, Rayan fell into a deep well in a village in the Chefchaouen province in northern Morocco. Then, on Thursday, video clips spread, in which he appeared still slightly moving, which raised high hopes that he would be removed while he was still alive.

By Friday, the images obtained through a camera that were lowered to the Ryan site, at a depth of about 30 meters, had receded.

According to press reports in Morocco, on Saturday afternoon, quoting sources in the rescue squad, there are no more recent photos of Rayan, because his face is no longer on the opposite side of the camera, saying that “this rotation impeded the monitoring of indicators of his health.”

The source added that the rescue teams are separated by only one meter and 80 centimeters to reach the child Ryan, who enjoys wide sympathy in the world.

Al-Thamrani added that the rescue teams for the child Rayan managed to dig 4 meters manually, until around ten o’clock in the morning local time (Greenwich + 1), with 180 centimeters remaining to reach the target.

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