The Yemeni army reaches the center of the city of Haradh and continues its incursion to control the rest of the city

Yemen (news now) – 06/02/2022. 23:22

The Yemeni army continues to advance

Today, Sunday, the Yemeni army and the Happy Yemen Brigade forces regained most of the areas in the city of Haradh, north of Hajjah Governorate (northwest of Hajjah Governorate). To whomThe Houthi militia incurred huge human and material losses.

Military and field sources said that the army forces and the Happy Yemen Brigades, with the support of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, and after retaking the heart of the city of Haradh, continued their incursion towards the northern parts of the city, on the third day of the military operation that began on Friday.

Field sources indicated that the ongoing battles in the city of Haradh, Hajjah governorate, left dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of the Houthi militia, in addition to material losses. It also recovered heavy military equipment, including tanks, vehicles and various cannons that the militia had looted from state camps after its coup against legitimacy.

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