To avoid the fate of Rayan .. a campaign in Algeria on "wells"

Algeria (social media) – 02/08/2022. 11:37

Rayan .. A Moroccan child died after falling into a well

  • Algerian campaign to fill in dangerous wells
  • Instructions to farmers and users of wells to secure them

Over the course of days, Arab and international reactions continue – especially on social media – after the funeral of the Moroccan child.Rayan“, who died after falling into a well in the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

In an attempt not to repeat the same fate, Algerian activists launched a campaign on social media, using the hashtag “He who has a bear covers him”, to get rid of dangerous random wells.

In 2018, the state of M’sila in Algeria witnessed a similar story, in which young Ayach was killed, and the incident caused a great controversy over the role of local authorities in monitoring wells.

And random wells are spread in Algeria, where farmers resort to digging them to face the water crisis, which these regions know.

In this context, the interests of the Wilayat of M’sila, east of the Algerian capital, issued instructions to farmers and users of wells to secure them to prevent similar accidents.

And it said in a statement, issued on Sunday, that it decided to form a committee that will monitor the process and carry out periodic visits to check the situation.

Algerian singers demanded to address the danger of random wells in order not to repeat scenarios similar to what happened in Morocco recently and Algeria more than three years ago.

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