Trending now | After Rayan, the tragedy of the Syrian child, Fawaz Al-Qutayfan, topped the social networking sites

Dubai Trending Now – 07/02/2022. 11:31

Trending now | Save the child Fawaz Al-Qatifan.. Appeals and anger on social media platforms

“For God’s sake, don’t hit me.” The cries of the Syrian child, Fawaz Al-Qutayfan, are still echoing on social media, amid calls for action to rescue him from the hands of a gang that kidnapped him in Daraa after they published a video showing the brutal torture of him in exchange for a ransom.
The case of the kidnapped Syrian child is now more than 3 months old, but the spread of the latest video showing his torture at the hands of his kidnappers, and coinciding with the case of the Moroccan child Rayan, who was stuck in a deep well, which attracted the attention of the world, aroused public opinion and social networking sites again amid persistent demands To save him and demand the protection of children wherever they are and the perpetrators to be held accountable.

A number of art stars also expressed their anger through the communication sites after the spread of this video of the kidnapped Syrian child, Fawaz Al-Qatifan.

Activists circulated the hashtag “Save the Child Fawaz Al-Qatifan” in several Arab countries, in order to work for his release and rescue.

Fawaz Al-Qatifan
Fawaz Al-Qatifan, the kidnapped child

usury She tweeted and wrote on Twitter, “God suffices me, and He is the best agent. Indeed, we are living in the ugliest time, but my Lord is above all unjust, long or short.”

Ossama He also tweeted on the same hashtag and said, “You can imagine what #Fawaz_Al-Qatifan sees with the kidnappers at this moment, and what does the little child feel in their hands and what does he imagine? Support the cause. Please, your tweet makes a difference.”

Doaa Al-Harbi She also said on Twitter, “Do not forget the child.

Buthaina She tweeted on the same hashtag and wrote, “Impossible that these are hearts by God, complete in beating, and it is not as if in front of him there is a person, and as if in front of him someone beseeching to stop hitting him! Forbid that the one inside you is a heart.”

Wafa Ezz She tweeted, “We couldn’t save Ryan, but we can save Fawaz. This child’s screams never leave my ears.”

Users linked Fawaz’s case to the Moroccan child Rayan, whose rescue efforts are continuing to get him out of the well stuck inside, calling for a similar supportive campaign that extends to the largest number of countries, expressing their hope that he will be returned safely to his family.

In your opinion, have social networking sites become a major influence to shed light on these incidents, such as the kidnapping of the child Fawaz Qetaifan, in order for the authorities to act?

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