Trending now | did you come back "Shereen" to me "Hussam Habib"?

Egypt (now trending) 02/09/2022 19:07

Trending now | Sherine Abdel Wahab, after the uproar that she caused with the news of her divorce and all that followed the divorce, today she is making a new uproar with the spread of news of her return to her divorced artist, Hossam Habib.

It was the Egyptian party planner, “Youssef Dandash” who blew up this resounding surprise about ShereenAnd he said that he called her several times, and the artist Hossam Habib answered him.

On her part, the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, confirmed the news by publishing a picture of the duo through her account, saying: “I was sure that it was a whirlwind with a cup, and I was sure that the two loved each other, so I was sure that they would return to each other… Congratulations, Sherine and Hossam.”

Just as the artistic community was buzzing with this news, so did the social networking sites. The news about Sherine became a rich material for the pioneers of social media as well.

On this news, the tweeter “Ahmed” commented: “I am not surprised by the issue of the return of Sherine and Hossam Habib, because this is a toxic relationship for Sherine, and you will not know how to get rid of her, imagining that Hossam is water and air and that she is not equal to anyone else, although she is a million times higher and better than him, you can get rid of From it after a while, but you will be finished with it.. We will go back to our sofa and our house without an album, without empty words.”

Apparently, the majority was not surprised by this news, for “Abdullah” wrote on his part: “Originally, from the day I saw her in his house, a song that quarrelled with sleep, I knew that the rest would die for him and try to return to him. He takes advantage of her weakness.

What made Sherine’s story from the beginning take a different and complex turn is her appearance with a shaved head, in her last concert, and this particular point could not be overlooked by the pioneers of the virtual world.

Hiam said: “Sherine has returned, and her hair has not returned.”

As for the singer, “Maryam” chose to analyze what happened and the character of the artist Hossam Habib, Sherine’s husband, she said: “When you read about the narcissistic man, you will not blame #Sherine that she has returned..The narcissistic person is very colorful every time you meet him, he is crying and crushed to return to him and that he will die without you and again. When he ensures that you will find him cohesive, playing on your nerves and breaking your instincts, your affection depends on the amount of sweet talk and the security of lies that I have already fascinated you.”

There are also those who remember what the Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr said when he accused Sherine of fabricating this news to provoke controversy and as a kind of publicity for her next album.

Linda wrote: “A whirlwind or promoting and shedding light. Indeed, my dream came out, with him right.”

After a few hours of gossip about the news of her return, the Egyptian artist broke her silence with an official and urgent statement in which she denied everything that was circulated about her personal life.

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