Trending now | In the video… A new explosion in Lebanon causes panic

Lebanon (now trending) – 11/02/2022. 19:59

Trending now | A gas tank explosion in Beirut, and it later became clear that it was caused by the burning of a truck loaded with fuel on the coastal highway.

This explosion shook the Zouk area in Jounieh governorate, and a sound was heard in the area and along the coast.

According to the Lebanese authorities and what was circulated on social media, there was no human damage, but some cars in this area were badly damaged.

This type of incident has become part of the daily routine of the Lebanese people, who have expressed their discontent through social media.

journalist”Tony PaulHe wrote in his tweet on the subject, and said: “#Al-Zouq survived a massive explosion.. Neglect and the absence of public safety standards threaten the Lebanese citizen every minute and everywhere.”

For her part, “Paulina” said in her angry comment: “The explosion of a gas tank after it was ignited in the Zouk. There are many causes, and the death is one.”

The tweeter “Mouni” is apparently not at all optimistic, as she sees her country, Lebanon, as a minefield, as she said: “You go out of your house and you don’t know if you will return or die on the road.”

Recklessly.. Amina linked the oil crisis that the country is suffering from to the explosion, as she said: “I mean, there is no diesel, and there is no burning or theft in it.”

Trending now |  In the video... A new explosion in Lebanon causes panic
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The explosion that occurred in the Zouk brought back the memory of the pioneers of social networking sites in Lebanon, the frightening August explosion… the explosion of the port of Beirut.

Iman Ayoub said: “I mean, are they filming a reasonable event? What did they learn from the explosion of the port?”

Trending now |  In the video... A new explosion in Lebanon causes panic
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Traffic stopped completely on the highway, especially from Beirut towards Jounieh, for hours, but fortunately the Civil Defense controlled a fire, and the truck driver survived the tragic accident.

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