Trending Sport | Echoes of Egypt’s loss to the African Nations final

Trending Sport – 07/02/2022. 22:27

Egypt loses Africa Cup of Nations final to Senegal

crowned Senegal national team He won the African Cup of Nations for the first time in his history, by winning a penalty shootout against his Egyptian counterpart in the final match that was held on Sunday evening at the Olympic Stadium in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé..

And after the end of the match.. A state of sadness prevailed among the Egyptians after their team lost the final match of the African Cup of Nations for the second time during 5 Only years, in a phenomenon that the fans of the Pharaohs were not used to.

And the streets were Egypt It was covered with the shirts and flags of the national team, as the Egyptians dreamed of achieving the eighth continental title, which has been long awaited since 12 year, as the last coronation of the Pharaohs returns for a year’s edition 2010.

Despite the state of sadness that dominated the Egyptian street.. However, the Egyptian fans expressed their pride in the team’s heroic performance throughout its journey in the Cameroon version until reaching the final match..

The reactions from the Egyptian fans on social networking sites were positive, despite the shock of losing the final, and praises were poured out for the performance of the Pharaohs throughout the tournament, especially since the Egyptian team met all the major teams in this tournament. Hospitality, and the performance of Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz’s squad during these matches was amazing, and the fans described him asepic.

Even in the final against Senegal.. The Egyptian team was a strong match throughout the match, and only lost on penalties, and many of its members appeared at an amazing level, although they are still at the beginning of their international career in the national team shirt..

As for the reactions in the Egyptian media,.. It was also positive, and the analysts expressed their satisfaction with the team’s performance, and the upward performance during the tournament, as the start of the Pharaohs was fluctuating in the group stage, before the team revealed its true face in the playoffs and against the strongest teams in the continent..

Trending Sport |  Echoes of Egypt's loss to the African Nations final
Mohamed Salah is tearfully looking at the cup. Source: AFP

The Egyptian fans demanded that the players maintain the spirit in which they appeared in the continental championship, in order to achieve the most important dream.. It qualifies for the World Cup finals 2022Especially since the team that stands as an obstacle between the Pharaohs and the dream of the World Cup is the Senegal team.. What gives the Egyptian team a golden opportunity for revenge and rehabilitation during the month of next March.

On the sidelines of the final.. Some shots grabbed the lenses of the cameras, the most prominent of which was what Senegal did, Sadio Mane, before paying the penalty kick awarded to his country during the first minutes of the match..

Before taking the kick.. The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, went to the goalkeeper of the Pharaohs, Mohamed Abu Jabal, and told him that Mane would shoot in the right corner... But Mane sparked widespread controversy on social media with his behavior before the payment.. Where he interrupted the conversation of Salah and Abu Jabal and indicated to the Egyptian goalkeeper sarcastically that he would shoot in the left corner.

Trending Sport |  Echoes of Egypt's loss to the African Nations final
Snapshot of Salah, Mani and Abu Jabal. Source: AFP

And then Salah looked at Mane with a look that ignited the communication sites.. The Egyptian star refused to accept the joke and did not smile.. Rather, he continued his conversation with Abu Jabal, as for the latter.. Mane threw a defiant look that caused a torrent of sarcastic comments and photos from the Pharaohs fans, especially after Abu Jabal succeeded in blocking the kick that Mane shot on the right corner, as Salah expected..

Trending Sport |  Echoes of Egypt's loss to the African Nations final
Mohamed Abdel Moneim crying after the end of the match. Source: Getty

As for the end of the match,.. The sad shots were the most prominent, especially when Mohamed Salah fell into a fit of crying after losing the title that the Liverpool star dreamed of, especially since he had never tasted the crowning of his country’s shirt before..

The goalkeeper, Muhammad Abu Jabal, also broke down in painful tears.. His colleague, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, hugged him and tried to calm him down and comfort him.. While the latter could not hold back his tears either, in a scene that will remain engraved in the memory of Egyptian football fans..

Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, player of the Pharaohs, also aroused great sympathy.. After he fell into a fit of crying after the loss, the cameras captured a conversation between him and his colleague Amr Al-Sailiya, who tried to calm him down... While Trezeguet cried,: ”Twice, Amr.. I lost the final twicereferring to also losing a copy final 2017 against Cameroon.

As for the most prominent scenes of sportsmanship.. It was the consolation of Senegal’s defense captain, Kalidou Coulibaly.. Who entered into a long dialogue with Mohamed Abdel Moneim, the defender of the Pharaohs, and tried to calm and comfort him after the loss.

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