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Trending Sport 02/10/2022 22:08

What is the automatic referee technology applied by FIFA in the Club World Cup?

The International Football Association (FIFA)VivaA number of successful tests of semi-automated stealth technology, during competitions clubs World Cup 2021 Currently located in Abu Dhabi.

mentionedVivaIn a statement published on his website today, Thursday, that after the success of the tests that were conducted on the semi-automated infiltration technology in the Arab Cup last year, the tests are being intensified on the application of semi-automated intrusion technologybefore its expected use in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Semi-automated offside technology is used to support referees in making offside decisions during the FIFA Club World Cup.

The semi-automated intrusion technology is an extension of the technology system “VAR” Currently used in 47 Countries around the world and in more than 100 Football competition, including all FIFA competitions.

This technology is known as a new automated intrusion detection technology calledSemi AutomatedOr a semi-automatic, which is what some have called itautomatic judgmenton the grounds that it contributes to accelerating the discovery of intrusion, making a decision in the shortest possible time, and presenting an almost immediate decision to the video technology referee, who in turn explains it to the referee of the meeting, who will make the final decision.

The new technology relies on the use of artificial intelligence through cameras installed around the stadium to determine 3D models of the players and the ball, and determine the timing of the ball’s passing using relay and sensing data from camera systems, and a skeleton is designed for each player to determine if part of his body is infiltrating or not..

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