Tunisia.. A young man visits a school certificate to join the National Guard

Tunisia (news now) 02/09/2022 00:24

A young man visits a school certificate in Tunisia

The official spokesman for the National Guard in Tunisia, Brigadier General Hossam Eddine Jabali, confirmed, on Tuesday, the arrest of a person who deliberately submitted a forged school certificate as part of his candidacy file for a debate for the assignment of a public office at the rank of sergeant in the Tunisian National Guard.

And Brigadier General Al-Jabali stated that the Research and Inspection Team of the National Guard Region in the Wilayat of Ben Arous In Tunisia, the educational certificate included in the candidate’s file was referred to the regional delegation for education in Tunisia, only to find out that it was a forged certificate.

For this purpose, the young man was summoned and brought, and he was subjected to in-depth investigations and admitted, during his interrogation by the specialized research team, that he had deliberately forged the school certificate, considering that its academic level was lower than required to participate in the debate, with the help of a person and the owner of a public shop for the Internet “publinet” in exchange for a sum of money It is estimated at 1000 Tunisian Dinars.

The official spokesman confirmed that 3 people were arrested pending investigations, and 2 others were included in the inspection list. And that investigations are still ongoing and the search is ongoing.

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