Tunisia… Arrest of a terrorist cell linked to ISIS

Bizerte (news now) – 02/08/2022. 21:09

The discovery of a terrorist cell that was planning to join the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria

The Tunisian authorities managed to arrest a terrorist cell linked to ISIS in the Wilayat of Bizerte.

“After providing them with accurate intelligence information and after follow-up and investigation, the National Police Squad for the Investigation of Terrorism Crimes and the Regional Anti-Terrorism Service in the Tunisian state of Bizerte were able to uncover a terrorist cell that adopts takfiri ideology in the delegation of Jomén of the state of Bizerte in the Republic of Tunisia,” a statement said.

The statement added, “Three elements involved in a deportation operation were arrested, who were in the process of coordinating to join the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria.”

He added, “They were transferred to the judicial pole specialized in researching terrorist crimes, in order to continue the research with them and with everyone who will be uncovered by the research.”

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