Tunisia.. Two foreigners were arrested on suspicion of attempting to inject students with an unknown substance

Sousse (news now) – 06/02/2022. 03:23

Two foreigners arrested in Tunisia for injecting students with a foreign substance

  • The Public Prosecution authorized the detention of two persons of foreign nationality on charges of forming concord with the intent to assault persons
  • The arrest and detention took place after the family of a schoolgirl was informed that two people in a car had tried to lure their daughter in order to inject her.
  • According to the testimony of a student, the car had a foreign mining number

Ali Abdel Mawla, the official spokesman for the Court of First Instance, said: sousse Tunisian, that the Public Prosecution authorized the detention of two persons of foreign nationality, specifically from a country neighboring Tunisia, on charges of forming a concord with the intention of assaulting persons, and they will be brought before the Tunisian judiciary on Monday.

The official spokesman explained that the arrest and detention took place after the family of the 10-year-old girl, who is studying at the primary school in the Tanta governorate, Shatt Maryam, was informed. sousse Tunisian, that two people in a car tried to lure their daughter in order to inject her.

So the family informed the police department, the reference for consideration, and after researching the matter, it was later revealed, according to what the director of the elementary school in Tantana “Basht Mariam” confirmed, that two other students had previously been exposed to the same incident.

According to a student testimonial, the car had a foreign mining number, and two young men on board offered it to carry out an inoculation process.

The same source added that by referring to the surveillance cameras, the type of car and the mining plate number was determined, including the identification of the suspects.

By specifying the address and after permission from the Public Prosecution of the aforementioned court, their house was raided in the Khuzama region of the Tunisian state of Sousse, by the Police of the Security Units, where they found an anti-inflammatory drug.

The drug will be presented to the central pharmacy for the necessary tests.

It is noteworthy that female students studying in educational institutions in different states of Tunisia were subjected to injections with unknown substances, and several cases of primary school students, aged between 8 and 11 years old, were exposed to injections by people who were strangers to the school environment in several states from all over Tunisia. Tunisian soil, with several other attempts that failed after the resistance of the children and their ability to escape and escape.

The strange thing is that these incidents confirm that a criminal gang is behind them, and not just isolated operations

The report of the representatives of the Child Protection Department, in Tunis, Gafsa, Tozeur, Mahdia and Sousse, regarding incidents of schoolgirls being injected with an unknown substance, confirmed that these incidents included several minor girls and one child in separate incidents by unknown persons, and their health deteriorated and they were taken to hospital for examinations. necessary.

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