Tunisian President announces the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council (video)

Tunisia (Reuters) 02/10/2022 20:07

The Tunisian President dissolves the Supreme Judicial Council and warns the corrupt

Tunisian President Kais Saied said Thursday that the Supreme Judicial Council has been dissolved and that it will be replaced by another.

Saeed added that a draft presidential decree has been prepared for penal reconciliation with businessmen involved in corruption in exchange for development projects across the country.

Saeed accused the judiciary of corruption, and said that he had many files on money beyond imagination that some judges received.

The country can only be purified by purifying the judiciary

He also accused the council of complicity in order not to open files or resolve issues that have been going on for years, stressing that “the judiciary is a function, not an authority,” and will not accept that the judiciary in Tunisia is a state within the state.

Saeed added that “the country can only be purified by purifying the judiciary,” stressing that “judges must apply the law with complete impartiality.”

pointed Tunisian President He pointed out that “the judiciary has not resolved many cases, despite the judges’ claim that they are independent,” noting at the same time that “he appreciates the work of judges, but they must work independently.”

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