Tunisian President dissolves the Supreme Judicial Council

Saeed said he would issue a temporary decree to the council.

Saeed’s decision to dissolve the council comes after his stinging criticism of the judges for months, when he repeatedly stated that he would not allow there to be a state for the judiciary, but rather for the state’s judiciary. He frequently criticized the judiciary’s delay in issuing rulings in cases of corruption and terrorism, saying that there is corruption and that he is determined to reform the judiciary.

Saeed said this month that the judiciary is a function only within the state and not an authority. And also last month canceled all financial privileges for members of the Council. The Supreme Judicial Council is a constitutional institution that enjoys independence, and its powers include the proper functioning of the judiciary and ensuring its independence, in addition to disciplining judges and granting them professional promotions..

Qais Saeed dismissed the government and suspended parliament last July, saying it aimed to save the country.

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