"Twitter" It is facing a sudden malfunction..and stopped in a large number of countries

Dubai (news now) – 11/02/2022. 22:27

A sudden malfunction hits the Twitter social networking platform

website and app crashesTwitter” to social networking for thousands of users on Friday, according to the “downdetector” website that tracks the outage.

It appears that the social platform has been cut off for users around the world, and according to the “downdetector” site, users have been facing problems since Friday evening, as he also noted that “Twitter” shows a “technical error” message in responses to most of the tweets on the site.

Despite the sudden failure of the platform, it appears that other services that use Twitter such as “tweetdeck” are working with some users.

A number of users have complained about not being able to open tweets on the website, while others have reported problems loading responses and many are reporting issues with the app and website.

A downdetector that tracks outages by compiling status reports from a number of sources, including user-generated reports on its platform, has shown nearly 15,000 user reports of outages.

Twitter has not yet announced the malfunctions.

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