Ukraine’s crisis with Russia threatens global food supplies

studio now – 12/02/2022. 02:49

Ukraine crisis raises fears of threats to global food security

Exacerbated Ukrainian crisis Which would lead to a threat to food security for a number of countries in the world that depend on Ukraine In its food exports, especially as it has been the “food basket of Europe” for several centuries, as well as possessing grains, vegetable oils and a host of other agricultural products that are essential to the food supply of Africa and Asia.

The current problem is that a large part of Ukraine’s most productive agricultural land is in its eastern regions, areas most vulnerable to a possible Russian attack and concerns about the future of food security are growing in many countries around the world.

A possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian lands, and support for separatist movements, may lead to a decrease in the productivity of “Kiev” of wheat, and consequently, this will lead to a decline in food exports and an increase in food prices in the world, which in turn may contribute to food insecurity in many developing countries that Depend on Ukraine.

Ukraine’s wheat exports are of great importance, reaching 18 million tons, out of a total production of 24 million tons in 2020, which made it the fifth largest exporter of wheat in the world. Ukrainian wheat is of great importance to the developing world, as half of Lebanon’s wheat imports were In 2020 of Ukrainian wheat.

Yemen also imports about 22% of its wheat imports from Ukraine, and Libya imports about 43% of its imports of Ukrainian wheat as well, in addition to Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh relying on “Kiev” to meet their wheat needs.

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