University of California pays $244 million to victims of gynecologist accused of sexual abuse

California (AFP) 02/09/2022 15:01

University of California: Millions of Dollars for Victims of Sexual Abuse

  • Complaints about the civil rights of patients regarding alleged acts, some of which date back to 1983
  • Hundreds of women accuse gynecological oncologist of sexual abuse

Approved University of California for paying about $244 million to about 200 women who accuse James Hibbs, a gynecologist who was working in a network affiliated with this educational institution, sexual assaults.

This consensual agreement includes complaints of civil rights for female patients regarding alleged acts, some of which date back to 1983.

Hundreds of women accused the gynecological oncologist of sexual abuse and accused the University of California, Los Angeles, which had hired him, to cover up his actions and not take any action against him despite

Reporting processes.

A statement said that the university considers “the behavior attributed to Hibbs reprehensible and contrary to the values ​​of the university,” praising the “courage of the complainants.”

Compensation of $73 million.

The agreement, which was revealed on Tuesday, is in addition to a collective complaint filed by more than five thousand women, which resulted in damages amounting to $73 million.

About 300 other women have filed a civil complaint against James Hibbs, who is also being prosecuted for assaults he committed against seven women.

Last month, the University of Michigan announced it would pay nearly half a billion dollars to nearly 1,000 students and former runners who were sexually assaulted by Dr. Richard Anderson.

In another case, the University of Southern California in Los Angeles agreed to pay $1.1 billion in damages under three different agreements to hundreds of women victims of a former gynecologist.

He worked on her campus in the largest compensation of this kind offered to date.

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