US B-52 bombers arrive in Britain

The bombers, whose number was not specified, arrived from the US base of Minot in North Dakota and landed at the British Fairford air base, 150 km west of London, according to the US Air Force Europe Command, based in Germany.

The statement said the “long-planned” exercise was aimed at “improving the level of readiness and interoperability of air traffic control coordinating strikes in support of ground forces.”

The US Air Force noted that “the bomber rotation reinforces the United States’ commitment to NATO allies (…) to preserve our collective security and sovereignty.”

In addition, the US Navy said Thursday that four US destroyers left the United States last month, to participate in naval exercises in the Sixth Fleet area, which covers the Mediterranean in particular.

“The destroyers USS The Sullivan, USS Gonzales, USS Donald Cook and USS Mitcher are sailing in the European theater of operations,” the US Navy said in a statement, noting that these destroyers “will participate in a series of naval activities with the Sixth Fleet and our allies in NATO”.

The statement pointed out that “these deployments will provide additional flexibility for the leadership of the Sixth Fleet.”

For its part, Russia announced on Thursday the arrival of six warships to the Crimea to participate in upcoming exercises in the Black Sea bordering southern Ukraine.

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