Video of Ryan’s father exploding: they took advantage of me and my son underground

Activists circulated a video clip of the blessed father, Khaled Oram, in which he said: “They opened pages in my name on Facebook to take money from people. They took advantage of me while I was my son underground,” adding: “The fraudster can never have a conscience, and online fraud in particular represents a lonely world.” “.

He noted that the great support and solidarity that his family received from the Arab world, stressing that it warmed his heart and his wife Wassima, who had not tasted sleep since their son fell into the well.

The operation to rescue Rayan, 5, who was stuck in the middle of a well 60 meters deep and not exceeding 30 cm in diameter on the outskirts of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, occupied the whole world.

The incident witnessed great sympathy from all over the world, as tweeters posted on the social networking site “Twitter”, pictures of the child and attached them to blogs in different languages, and launched many hashtags.

The child spent about 100 hours inside a narrow hole in the well, during which he suffered a hemorrhage in his head due to hitting the rocks during his fall. Medical examinations conducted by the medical team that entered the tunnel to extract the child Ryan showed that he was suffering from fractures in the neck and spine.

Millions in Morocco and the Arab world awaited a happy end to the ordeal of the child, whose story brought wide international sympathy, but fate decided that he breathed his last alone shortly before the rescue teams arrived.

Close open wells

Not only did some observers sympathize with the Moroccan child Rayan after he fell into the well, but they launched campaigns to close the wells and save others from this fate in order to avoid new victims.

And local media reported that the incident of the child Rayan showed the danger posed by open wells, especially dry ones.

The danger increases with the successive years of drought and people resort to digging more wells, as wells dug in the absence of water are left untouched.

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