War is imminent.. Arab and Western countries call on their citizens to leave Ukraine

Dubai (newsroom) – 12/02/2022. 16:05

Kuwait is the first Arab country to ask its citizens to leave Ukraine

  • Kuwait calls on its citizens who are in Ukraine to leave the country
  • The UAE calls on its citizens to postpone travel to Ukraine
  • Iraq urged its citizens to leave Ukraine

Western and Arab countries continue to invite their citizens who are in Ukraine to leave for their own safety.
And she called Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs In a statement, its citizens who are in Ukraine have to leave the country in order to preserve their safety and security, and it also called on citizens wishing to travel to Ukraine to postpone their travel at the present time.

On the other hand, she called Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Citizens in JordanJordanians who are in Ukraine to register data to communicate with them.

The UAE calls on its citizens to postpone travel to Ukraine

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Kiev has also called on the country’s citizens to postpone travel to Ukraine for the time being.

In the same context, she called Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs of all Iraqis in Ukraine to leave Ukrainian territory.
A statement by the ministry stated that “out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ concern for the security and safety of the Iraqi community in Ukraine, and as a result of the exceptional circumstances there, the Ministry urges the community to leave Ukrainian lands and for citizens not to travel to it for the sake of safety.”
The ministry called on “the employees of the Iraqi embassy in Kiev to enjoy the annual leave in a way that ensures the safety of the mission’s personnel.”

In the same context, the countries of the Netherlands, Germany, Britain and Lithuania called on their nationals to leave Ukraine.

The calls come after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Russia could invade Ukraine at any time.
Washington and other countries have urged their citizens to leave Ukraine.

And the Russian “Sputnik” agency had revealed the departure of Russian diplomats and consular employees Ukraine.
“According to the data of Ukrainian citizens, Russian diplomats and consular employees in Ukraine have begun to leave for Russia,” the agency quoted an informed source as saying.
According to the source, “Moscow decided to follow the same path as Western countries, and withdrew its employees from Kiev.

Intensive talks during the last period failed to make progress in resolving this crisis, which Westerners describe as the most dangerous since the end of the Cold War three decades ago.
A news reporter in Kharkiv, 32 km from the Russian border, had said: There is no practical escalation regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Our correspondent added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the region on missions, which are clearly defensive
A news reporter now confirmed that the escalation is an American media outlet saying that the Russian invasion could start at any moment and that it might start with aerial bombardment, followed by a ground invasion.

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