Warning from Apple: You are charging the wrong iPhone

Battery life may force users to carry the charger with them, whenever they leave the house and if you don’t want to, the user has to give in to the fact of having a “dead” phone for hours.

And in the face of repeated complaints from iPhone users about this problem, Apple provided a series of tips that help solve the problem, according to the American newspaper, “The New York Post.”

Apple said that the performance of batteries degrades over time, but the life of this battery can be extended by following these steps:

Remove the iPhone case: Some people charge their iPhone while it’s still in its break-proof case or wallet.

Although the cover protects the phone from fractures, it generates excessive heat, which affects the battery capacity, so it is recommended to remove the cover.

Avoid extreme heat: One of the best tips for protecting your iPhone battery from ruin is to maximize its lifespan.

Extreme heat can cause major problems in phones, including iPhones, and Apple advises keeping iPhones away from extreme heat, whether low or high, which reduces battery life.

Don’t forget Low Power Mode: This feature will stop some power-hungry services on your phone.

Apple says that when Low Power Mode is on, it means your phone will run longer before you need to charge it again, but some features may take longer.

Some tasks may not work until you turn off Low Power Mode.

Don’t miss the auto brightness: The brighter your phone screen, the faster the battery drains.

This can be resolved by turning on the auto-brightness feature, which will regulate screen brightness based on the lighting around you.

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