Warning from “Shabu” in Egypt..a fast-addicting killer that has no cure

Dr. Amira Imam, clinical toxicologist at the Mansoura Poison Center, says that the drug Shabu is “methamphetamine”, which is a derivative of amphetamine, and its other name is “crystal” because of the similarity between it and crystal, and the first thing that was known was in World War II because it was giving Soldiers have great energy and activity that prevents sleep, unlike other types of drugs that cause drowsiness.

Shabu causes hallucinations, delusions and severe psychological symptoms

She added that this drug is “characterized by the fact that its addiction is very rapid, and gives strength and activity to the brain, which increases the demand of addicts to it, but its problem is that it then causes delusions and hallucinations, and it has a severe impact on psychological aspects, causing psychological diseases such as schizophrenia and paranoia, as it appears on the abuser’s aggressiveness. Severe, in addition to its impact on health, as it causes kidney and liver failure, and an excessive dose of a very small percentage can lead to convulsions and an explosion in the arteries of the brain and a significant increase in blood pressure, and its treatment is very difficult and in many cases its symptoms lead to suicide.

Amira indicated that: “The Shabu drug was initially popular in China and India, then it reached Egypt through smuggling, and although its price is high, one gram is enough for a number of drug users, which makes them buy it.”

Crimes that occurred because of the “Shabu”

The clinical toxicologist at the Mansoura Poison Center pointed out that there are cases of crimes in Egypt caused by this drug, such as the Ismailia crime, during which a person beheaded another in front of passersby under the influence of this drug, and there is another crime that occurred in Dakahlia when a young man killed his wife for the same reason.

Local manufacturing makes shabu more dangerous

For his part, Dr. Nabil Abdel-Maqsoud, Professor of Addiction and Toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, said that Shabu is the main problem that it has started to be manufactured locally in Egypt, and 90% of the additives are not Envitamine, as substances such as acetone, cola, and a group of substances that make humans are added to it. He loses consciousness and affects his nervous system, which are 250 times more harmful than the smuggled shabu from abroad.

Most prominent symptoms

He added, “The most important symptoms are that the abuser loses control over himself, and feels that he has more activity, strength and energy than his body can tolerate, as well as losing control of thinking, and seeing hallucinations that make him do things he cannot do in his normal situation, and he may harm himself or harm those around him.” It causes injuries to him or to those around him unconsciously, and then returns to his normal position after that.”

And he continued by saying: “One of the physical symptoms is that the patient suffers from fainting or convulsions, in addition to raising blood pressure, and in the event of a weak vein, it explodes and causes immediate bleeding, and also leads to an increase in heart rate or the heart stops completely if it is not in a good condition, and this drug has its effect.” directly on the nervous and respiratory systems.

A gram is enough for a large number to share in paying for it

The professor of addiction and toxicology treatment at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, points out that “this substance is widely spread in Egypt, despite its high price. A gram of shabu is enough for ten people, and therefore they share in its price, and each person pays approximately 100 pounds only.

Awareness… the only weapon to fight Shabu

Dr. Nabil Abdel-Maqsoud concludes his speech by emphasizing that: “The addiction to this substance is from the first dose of abuse, and it has no cure, except for the symptom and not the disease, by raising the awareness of the people, but there is no medical treatment, and in the case of a person’s addiction, we in addiction treatment centers try Controlling some of his symptoms until he returns to his normal condition initially only, and there are many crimes that have occurred because of this drug, and therefore it is necessary to spread awareness among young people, and stress that this drug is quickly addictive and fatal to the person who uses it and to those around him.

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