Washington: Sanctions on Iran are not related to the nuclear deal

Tehran (Reuters) 02/05/2022 15:30

Robert Malley confirms that Iran built a nuclear bomb

  • Iran’s progress in its nuclear program reinforces the necessity to revive the agreement
  • Nuclear talks will return to Vienna, next week

The US special envoy to Iran said, Robert MalleyTehran is “weeks away from enriching enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb,” considering that the progress Tehran has made in its nuclear program “reinforces

The agreement must be revived.

The American envoy explained in an interview with the channelMSNBCThe American delegation said that the American delegation participating in the nuclear talks will return to Vienna next week, stressing that Washington will not raise the issue

All sanctions imposed on Iran if an agreement is reached in the Vienna talks, adding, “previous sanctions imposed on Tehran are not related to the nuclear agreement, but to its behavior.”

Robert Malley acknowledged that Washington “works very closely with the Israeli government.”

And the US special envoy to Iran downplayed the importance of reports that the administration of US President Joe Biden suggested that “the revival of the nuclear agreement with Iran will enable the latter to collect enough nuclear fuel for a bomb.”

nuclear program within less than a year”, as he considered that the progress achieved by Tehran in its nuclear program reinforces the necessity of reviving the agreement, calling for achieving this “as soon as possible” and then “trying to build on it to reach other understandings,

Make it more powerful.”

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