Washington "Strongly condemns the terrorist attack" At Saudi Abha Airport

Washington (AFP) 02/10/2022 22:08

Washington confirms its support for Saudi Arabia after the terrorist attack on Abha Airport

The White House National Security Adviser announced Thursday that “the United States strongly condemns the terrorist attack” that targeted the Saudi Abha airport by a drone launched by the Houthi militia, and the shrapnel resulting from its interception in the air resulted in the injury of 12 civilians.

“We pledge to support Saudi Arabia as it defends its people and lands against these attacks,” Jake Sullivan said in a statement. “America will stand with its friends in the region.”

And announced the coalition to support legitimacy in To whom Thursday, that the Saudi defenses destroyed a march launched towards Abha International Airport. He pointed out that the interception of the drone fell in the vicinity of the airport.

Civilians were slightly injured

The coalition spoke of 12 minor civilian injuries to workers and travelers of different nationalities at Abha Airport.

Later, the coalition announced the smooth return of air traffic at the airport, after the usual safety procedures.

In a statement, the coalition confirmed that it would take “firm operational measures in response to threats against civilian airports and travelers,” stressing that the Houthis chose to blatantly escalate targeting civilian airports and civilians, noting that “the Houthi militia deliberately targeted civilian airports, an intent that cannot be condoned and requires deterrence.”

He added that “critical points in Sana’a used by the Houthis to launch marches will be bombed,” calling on civilians in Sana’a to “evacuate civilian sites used for military purposes within the next 72 hours.”

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