Western warning sets date for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Kiev (Daily Mail) – 12/02/2022. 10:18

Western media..Putin made up his mind and decided to invade Ukraine

  • Invasion may occur by 4 days
  • Many countries have called on thousands of their nationals to leave Ukraine immediately

Western media announced that the Russian President Vladimir Putin He made up his mind and decided Invasion of Ukraineindicating that the invasion may occur within 4 days.

The reports by the British “Daily Mail” and the German “Der Spiegel” came after a night in which the British government asked thousands of its nationals to leave Ukraine immediately, amid fears of an imminent Russian invasion.

The newspaper quoted a US intelligence official as saying that the invasion order could be issued within days.

The British Foreign Office has updated its advice to British citizens in Ukraine, saying they should now leave via commercial transport, amid fears

Increasingly, they find themselves at the center of the fighting that may erupt suddenly, including the deadly aerial bombardment of the capital, Kiev.

The update on British measures came 24 hours after the United States issued a similar order to its nationals.

The European Union informed non-essential staff from its diplomatic mission in Kiev to leave, but it did not go so far as to evacuate completely.

These developments came after US intelligence concluded that Russia will launch an attack on Ukraine, next Wednesday, 16 February.

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