What are the symptoms of post-Corona syndrome .. the Egyptian Ministry of Health answers

The spread of the Corona virus began from the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, and it is still present until this year. Reducing overcrowding, declaring bans, and preventing travel from one country to another. Each country called on its members to adhere to the home quarantine, to limit its spread to the maximum degree, and try to reach effective treatments or vaccines to combat this virus, and scientists have succeeded in manufacturing Many anti-Coronavirus vaccines, which work to reduce the symptoms of the virus by a large percentage, and many countries have been able to control and limit the spread of the virus in order to return life to normal despite the multiplicity of waves of the spread of Corona, and the seriousness of this virus lies in its impact on The respiratory system is greatly affected, and although it causes the same symptoms as a cold, but it is more dangerous in the severity of these symptoms, it was also found that it affects other body systems and causes many different symptoms, especially with the new mutated species, and some physical symptoms also appear on the infected with The virus, even after recovery, is known as the symptoms of the post-Corona syndrome, and this was revealed by Dr. Mohamed El-Nadi, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus at the Egyptian Ministry of Health, in his interventions with one of the Egyptian channels, and this is what we will present in the next article.

What are the symptoms of post-Corona syndrome .. The Egyptian Ministry of Health answers 2 10/2/2022 - 6:05 AM

What are the symptoms of post-Corona syndrome .. The Egyptian Ministry of Health answers 1 10/2/2022 - 6:05 AM

What are the symptoms of post corona syndrome?

The Corona virus is not satisfied with the occurrence of symptoms when infected with it, but some symptoms occur after recovering from it with the so-called post-Corona syndrome, as Dr. “Mohamed Al-Nadi”, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus at the Ministry of Health, said in a telephone interview with one of the satellite channels that about a percentage of Between 10% to 15% develop symptoms of post-Coronavirus syndrome, as these symptoms are headache, fever and general fatigue, as well as problems in the breathing process, and they can last from three weeks to three months, But he said that these symptoms can be dealt with by adhering to treatment and good nutrition, and he also stressed the need to go to the doctor in case of ringing in the ears, persistent headaches, and increased heartbeat, as the doctor stated that the Ministry of Health has allocated clinics In hospitals also to treat the symptoms of post-Corona syndrome in the event of its intensification, and the doctor was keen to point out that the Egyptian protocol stipulates the need to adhere to wearing a muzzle and home isolation in case of infection, and to adhere to precautionary measures, so there is no intention to cancel it now, so as not to result in net The results are not good, and Dr. “Mohamed Al-Nadi” continued his speech, saying:

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We are on the way to the summit of the fifth wave of Corona and we pray to God that it will be the last, expecting the virus to turn into a seasonal endemic disease starting next May, commenting, “We expect the numbers to decrease at the end of March.”

How to prevent corona virus

We offer you some tips in order to prevent infection with the Corona virus by applying the precautionary measures recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, in order to deal with the virus and limit its spread as much as possible and return life to normal, by following the following:

  • Be sure to take the anti-Coronavirus vaccine provided by the Ministry of Health.
  • Maintaining social distancing and avoiding crowded places.
  • Commit to always wearing a mask outside, especially in closed places, and avoid touching the nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Make sure to always wash your hands and face with soap and water.

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