What is new about the tragedy of the kidnapped child Fawaz Qetaifan in Syria?

Damascus (Syrian Observatory) – 07/02/2022. 15:37

New information about the case of the kidnapped child, Fawaz Qetaifan

  • New threats to the child’s parents in the previous hours by the gang
  • The child’s fingers will be amputated if the ransom is not delivered
  • Information that the child is with the gang in the town

happened Syrian Observatory Human rights for new information about the case Child Fawaz Qetaifan The kidnapper is held by a gang in Daraa governorate in Syria Since the 2nd of November of last year.

According to the information of the Syrian Observatory, new threats to the family of the child were received by the gang in the previous hours, which are “in the event of non-delivery of ransom required No later than Wednesday

Next, the child’s fingers will be amputated,” but other sources said that the child will be released within the coming hours, according to an agreement between the two parties child’s parents And the kidnapping gang to be delivered the required amount.

Meanwhile, the observatory learned about the arrival of military forces affiliated with the Russian-backed “Fifth Corps” and some of the regime forces to the town of Ibta’ in the central countryside of Daraa and its complete encirclement to determine the background

The case of the kidnapped child, after information was received that the child was with the gang in the town

The hashtag #Save_Child_Fawaz spread on social media in order to work for his release, after a video clip of him documenting his exposure to violence and torture at the hands of his kidnappers spread.

In a painful and unbearable scene, the Syrian Observatory published a video clip of a kidnapped child being tortured and beaten in order to force his relatives to pay a large ransom in exchange for his return to them.

In the video, the 6-year-old is brutally beaten with what appears to be a leather belt, lying on a bed, crying and begging his captors to stop beating him, saying: “For God’s sake, don’t hit me.”

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