WhatsApp is preparing a pleasant surprise that millions of users have been waiting for

In continuation of the updates that it launches regularly, which carry with it many powerful and wonderful additions and features and extensive improvements, the famous WhatsApp application is preparing for instant messaging to provide a new feature that searches for millions of users around the world, according to what CEO of the application “Will Cathkarth” revealed, pointing out that The public has long wanted the app on iPads.

WhatsApp is preparing to launch its first major updates in 2022

Feature coming from WhatsApp

And the WhatsApp official explained that it will be implemented to fulfill the wishes of millions of iPad users to release a copy of the application on these devices, especially since this step has become necessary, pointing out during press statements that it is possible to release the application in the near future on the tablet as a basic measure to be used like the mobile.


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And WhatsApp reinforces that expected step by supporting it during the recent period to work on more than one device or across multiple devices at the same time, and it also allowed the presence of two versions of the application on smart phones, laptops and fixed computers, smoothly and flexible.

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WhatsApp is preparing a pleasant surprise that millions of users have been waiting for

And keep receiving messages

And the WhatsApp official revealed that the technology of working on multiple devices greatly helped in continuing to receive messages through the application in the event of losing the phone’s connection to the Internet, meaning that it works without the need for the presence of the Internet, which will be very important for the application on tablets, given that it can be accessed on 4 Simultaneous devices only.

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