When do you call the emergency? .. 12 causes of chest pain

Doctor Karan Rajan posted a video on the “Tik Tok” application, in response to a user who said that she suffers from “random piercing pain” under her left breast when she takes a deep breath..

The doctor suggested 3 reasons for this, saying that the first could be costochondritis, which he said was inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone (sternum)..

He added that the second possible cause of chest pain could be pleurisy, explaining that “it is an inflammation of the tissue between the ribs and the lungs, and the pleura, usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection.“.

The third reason, according to Rajan, is the syndrome of gravitational traction, saying: “We don’t really know the cause, but it involves irritation of the intercostal nerves, the nerves that pass through the chest wall.“.

While he was seeking to reassure his followers, he stressed the importance of not resorting to the Internet to obtain medical information about their conditions, and to see a doctor.

He also pointed out that while there are other non-cardiac causes of chest pain. “There are a lot of non-cardiac causes of chest pain, such as GERD, gallstones, etc. But if in doubt, go see a doctor,” he said.

The British National Health Service says that in most cases, chest pain is not caused by a heart problem, and official guidance states that there are 5 common causes of chest pain, the most common of which is heartburn or swallowing disorders.

This usually begins after eating, with a feeling of fullness and bloating, according to the British newspaper, “The Sun”.

Another cause is a sprain or strain in the chest, which usually begins after an injury or exercise to the chest, and the person feels better when they rest..

Anxiety or a panic attack can also lead to chest pain, which may be associated with a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and dizziness..

You are also likely to experience chest pain if you have a chest infection or pneumonia.

And the NHS says this usually gets worse when you exhale. You’ll likely cough up yellow or green mucus and have a high temperature.

Shingles may be another common cause of chest pain, which feels like tingling on the skin with a rash that eventually turns into blisters..

When do you call the “emergency”?

While most chest pains are not heart related, some may be caused by heart problems.

The first is pericarditis, which usually causes sharp, sudden pain, which gets worse when you breathe deeply or lie down.

Angina or heart attack are also conditions associated with chest pain. They both have similar symptoms, but a heart attack is life-threatening and you should seek help immediately if you think you are experiencing it..

and states NHS However, you should call 911 if your sudden chest pain is accompanied by pain that spreads to your arms, neck or jaw.

You should also seek immediate help if your chest pain is accompanied by tightness or heaviness in the chest, begins with shortness of breath, sweats, or feels like you are going to vomit, or if the pain lasts more than 15 minutes.

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