Without an oven or eggs..the way to make a cold biscuit tart with chocolate and vanilla, it tastes great

How to make a cold biscuit tart without eggs in very easy steps without an oven. The word tart means tart and is known in some countries as chocolate pies. It contains cream or cream and has many sizes that are made according to the desire and the number of people, and through new recipes and innovations that are still all Today, you offer more sweets in a variety of ways, and the best for most people are easy and quick recipes that do not require time or effort, given that the daily burdens are heavy and people need to eat fast food, especially for housewives, biscuit desserts are something different from ordinary cake in shape and taste It is new and you can prepare it for an occasion, for example, because it looks like a cake and has a beautiful shape, and it can also be served as a delicious dessert for guests and wedding parties.

Without an oven or eggs..the way to make a cold biscuit tart with chocolate and vanilla, it tastes great 1/8/2022 - 10:21 PM

Biscuit tart ingredients

Plain tea biscuits, any kind you like.

First class:-

Half a cup of sugar.

Three tablespoons of starch.

-3 tablespoons of flour.

Two tablespoons of raw, unsweetened cocoa.

Three cups of milk.

A spoonful of butter + vanilla.

The second layer:-

The middle filling is (3 spoons of flour + 3 spoons of starch + 3 cups of milk + a tablespoon of butter + vanilla).

Chocolate sauce ingredients

One and a half tablespoons of each (sugar – starch – cocoa).

Cup water.

A tablespoon of butter + vanilla.

75 grams of dark chocolate.

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How to make cold biscuit tart

demo video/

  • Bring an opening tray size 26 cm.
  • Stack biscuits on the bottom and sides in the form of tray.
  • In a bowl, put half a cup of sugar, 3 tablespoons of flour, starch and cocoa.
  • Then add the milk and mix well on cold and raise over a medium heat with constant stirring until it boils.
  • Add the butter and mix, then pour it on the biscuit layer while it is hot, equal to the face and leave aside or in the refrigerator until the next layer is prepared.
  • Bring another bowl, put the cup of sugar, starch, flour and milk and mix.
  • Raise on the fire with stirring until homogeneous and then boil, add butter and vanilla to it and pour over the first layer gently and then equal.
  • The last layer is the chocolate sauce. We mix sugar, cocoa and starch in a bowl, then add water and mix.
  • Raise over a medium heat, stirring until the texture thickens, then add the butter and chocolate pieces and ripple well.
  • Add the last layer and distribute it well on the biscuit tart and leave it in the fridge and then decorate with whatever you have on hand.

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