You may catch corona without realizing.. 10 signs that reveal the truth

A number of experts revealed signs that may indicate that a person who was not exposed to infection with the Corona virus, had already contracted it without feeling.


The Omicron mutant is considered the most prevalent in recent times, and it is the “less symptomatic” corona mutant, which may result from infection of many who did not feel the need to be tested due to the mild symptoms.

The spread of Omicron raised the percentage of patients who did not discover their infection, because the symptoms were minor for them, and they did not feel the need to be tested.

the cold

Many people who feel the symptoms of a cold, they actually have corona, but they miscalculated it, thinking that it was a cold or a cold.

And according to the “Healthy” website, experts confirm that there is a great similarity between the symptoms of corona and the common cold, which leads the infected to believe that they did not have corona.

hair loss

If you’re noticing hair loss, it could be due to a previous infection with COVID-19, according to Alexis Yang, MD, a dermatologist at the University of New Jersey Medical Center. She explains: “This phenomenon is known as telogen effluvium and it occurs when physical or psychological stress causes the hair roots to prematurely rest. It is not unique to corona, but I see a lot of it among people recovering from corona.”


Young says that the appearance of rashes after Corona is a phenomenon that health professionals have noticed for those who have contracted the virus.

“We are also seeing a viral rash, which is a rash often associated with a viral infection after COVID-19,” she says.

Injury to loved ones

Experts stressed that one of the signs that you are infected without realizing it is that a number of your household members have contracted the virus, without you having contracted the infection.

Doctor Lynn Horowitz says that many people infected with this virus have mild symptoms or have no symptoms, which leads some close to the infected people to believe that they were not infected and did not transmit the infection to them.


Experts stressed that the wrong examination, or the examination at the wrong time, may give a false negative result.

According to them, the examination may be mistaken sometimes, because it is not 100% accurate, or it is possible that the moment of the examination does not reveal the infection because the infected person did the examination after recovery or before the spread of the virus.


Benjamin Singer, a pulmonary and critical care physician at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, said that “Covid stamps” are among the symptoms that a person afflicts after exposure to corona.

This condition is when a casualty finds his toes with purple or red wounds that itch. “Skin manifestations, especially in the toes, may indicate that a person has contracted corona without knowing it,” says Singer.

Digestion problems

COVID-19 is an illness that affects breathing, but for some, diarrhea may be the first and only sign of infection, says Dr. Horowitz.

If you have gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea or vomiting and have been in contact with people who have COVID-19, it is possible that you have contracted COVID-19 without knowing it.

dry throat

Up to 40 percent of people with coronavirus experience symptoms of dry mouth during or after the illness, according to studies.

A dry throat for a long time may be an indication that you have corona.

bad smells

Some people who recover from corona have reported that they constantly smell smoke, garbage, or any unpleasant odors, without there being a source of it.

These fake odors are becoming more common over time, as the latest figures indicate that about 25 percent of people have experienced these inexplicable odors so far, and those who suffer from them may have been infected with the Corona virus.

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